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NSE Premium Ultimate

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Protect your server to 99.99%
No monthly payments. This package is for Lifetime without any Payments in future.

About NSE Premium Ultimate

Protect your server to 99.99%

No monthly payments. This package is for Lifetime without any Payments in future.

  • Client / Server Side Application
  • Memory Protection — Protecting Application memory from Read / Write
  • Anti DLL Injection — Protection from injections!
  • Secured by SSL — All the packet data is encrypted with OpenSSL 2048—Bit Key
  • Thread Control — If thread will be killed or suspended — Game will be closed
  • Log Hack Detection's — Log in server-side application all hack detection's.
  • Heuristic Analysis — Smart analysis will protect game even from new or modified hacks
  • Smart Starter — Just enter name of Game Module and setting up is done!
  • Smart Bridge Manager — Just choose path to your application which connection you want to protect!
  • Multilang - Support next languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Latvijas, Português, Românesc, Русский, 한국의, 中国, 日本の
  • File Checker System — You can check if files wasn't modified. Maximum files to check is 3000
  • Game instances limit — You can set limit of game instances per machine
  • Launcher Check — You can check if game was started by your launcher. If game isn't started by your launcher then game will not start
  • User Manager — This option allow you to manage user access to game. You can block users by Hardware ID
  • Auto Hardware ID Ban — This option allow to ban user automatically if hack / cheat will be detected.
  • Detect Virtualization Tools — This option prevents the game from being run in all kinds of virtual environments: VMWare, Virtual PC, VirtualBox, Sandboxie.
  • Plugin — We can make for you two exclusive plugins. If plugins is not complicated to make — We will make it FREE.
  • Hotkey Manager — You can disable any hotkey or combination that you want.
  • Hotkey Manager v2 — You can set the hotkey restrictions. If player do not follow the restrictions — the game will be closed.
  • Splash Screen — You can set your own splash screen.
  • !!! HOT !!!
  • DDoS Protection — Your ports will be protected from attacks.
  • File Protection — You can protect your files from Copy / Editing / Use by third-party users. For example if you bought any modules or files and you want to protect this files from copy or editing.
  • Packet Filtering — You can filter the packets to prevent crash Server Application.
  • Screenshot Manager — Screenshot of player desktop will be sent to server while detecting the hack / cheat.
  • Global User Manager — You will be connected to NSE Global User Manager. It is a list of forbidden users which will be blocked on all servers which use NSE AntiHack System (It is good to avoid unwanted players which used hacks / cheats).
  • Program Manager — You can block cheats / hacks / programs from Server-side.


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Thank for good product, we cleared our server from bots and hacks.

I recommend this anti-cheat!

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this package is awesome, have all what i want, screenshot manager, anti-ddos and another things is great, thanks a lot for such good product, i will buy now one later for my second server!

hacks like hdcheats, d3d hacks, dll inject no works, very great protection, work everything fine.

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