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  2. Waiting since 2 weeks now

  3. Waiting since 2 weeks now

  4. Waiting since 2 weeks now

    Hello, Our License System has detected potentially manipulation with your license, so because of this you didn't get answers until the checking will not be completed. In 24 hours you will get answer. Thanks.
  5. Waiting since 2 weeks now

    still no update for you?
  6. Waiting since 2 weeks now

    Hey, I am waiting now for 2 weeks to finally get the new Version for the new Server IP! Nightwish told me 1 1/2 weeks ago that he will send it to me on the next day. Since then nothing... I made 2 Support tickets and asked him around 10 times on Skype...
  7. what next?

    Hello, Already answered to your support ticket. Thanks.
  8. what next?

    hi, i have purchase the anticheat, what next to do?
  9. hi bro , please update nse for my warz game

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    2. Game Gowarz

      Game Gowarz

      Please reply to my skype, I have something to exchange with you

    3. NightWish


      I will be at the my workplace during 30 minutes.

    4. Game Gowarz

      Game Gowarz

      ok bro , i will wait .

      $$$ for you :D

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