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  2. I paid for an upgrade on the 7th(11 days ago) and was trying to get my license transferred to another system... When I paid for upgrade my downloads disappeared from my account, my license never upgraded and part way through talking to support for it the only person who replied to me ever was fired Now it's been 3 days since I've gotten ANY response from NightWish and that reply was just saying he will assist me but not actually doing so... 11 days with no delivery of my upgraded license, in fact paying for the upgrade just locked me out of getting the files for either of the licenses I've paid for, so even if i got nothing from paying for the upgrade i would be ahead of where i am now where i actually lost some functionality by paying for the upgrade... Will I ever get a reply? Will my license ever be upgraded?
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    1. Bjorn


      Clean your fucking desktop holy shit

  5. Hello about anti-hack

    A lot of words nothing more, i'm still waiting ... no answer in skype, no answer here, you contact me 2 or 3 days after, i leave a message and nothing until now, nothing.
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  7. Hello about anti-hack

  8. Hello about anti-hack

    i'll be waiting
  9. Hello about anti-hack

    I will contact you tomorrow.
  10. Hello about anti-hack

    I can't use the antihack for new s13, now igcn will update to s13 2-2, ??? the serverside make crash .... i just use the antihack for s12 (3-4 months with crash at overall) but for s13 it not works anymore, i'll be waiting for your answer, fix or anything, or how u said, please at least, refund me the 50% of the money, thanks.
  11. Hello about anti-hack

    If you are really our customer - Please sign in by your customer account and create an ticket. Thanks.
  12. Hello about anti-hack

    I will enter tomorrow on skype and will make for you temporary update which will fix your problem. Until i was offline i'm discovered a lot of technologies which i will implemented and one of this is the system which i will make tomorrow for you. Thanks.
  13. Hello about anti-hack

    Hello, I thought for a long time and realized that whatever I was not busy with - Nse AntiHack System - this is my company, my hobby, so I returned the money back to the past Administrators, because apparently they could not cope even with usual problems. It is very embarrassing and unaware that he entrusted the company to a good person, but he did not live up to your expectations. Therefore, from now on, I will manage the company and from tomorrow I will be available on Skype and also on the forum. I do not hope for anything, any criticism is accepted. Thanks.
  14. Hello about anti-hack

    Good luck =)
  15. Hello about anti-hack

    Forgive me I bought you $ 500 but owners will not treat me anything I invest in a server Please take care of me and have an anti-hack problem
  16. Hello about anti-hack

    I hope any other user can confirm that i said, but for me, not is good, and i really i don't want to write more.
  17. Hello about anti-hack

    lul. Really support is bad¿ I think to buy.
  18. Hello about anti-hack

    There is no answer weeks ago =) you can ask to other users
  19. Hello about anti-hack

    I am a member of ORTAL Why did not you answer me skype me have a problem with anti hack please Be serious, my brothers Skype: Osher174
  20. Question about Game MuOnline

    Hello, Yes, We supports Mu Online IGCN Servers all Seasons. You will get your package during 1 hour after ordering. Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  21. Question about Game MuOnline

    Hello!I have a few questions?I use MuOnline - IGCN Season XII and your antihack support it?How often can I get an antihack after ordering?Thank you!
  22. Interested things

    Hello, Our AntiHack System has heuristic system which analyze processes, if there is some process trying to have access to protected game or to write into memory - then AntiHack will close game and send report to server about hacks. Can We help you with something else? Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  23. Interested things

    how works your antihack system?
  24. Interested things

    Hello, Yes, Our AntiHack System support Aion and Lineage II. Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  25. Interested things

    Hello, i would like to ask, your antihack supports Aion and Lineage II ? thanks.
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