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  3. Question about Game MuOnline

    Hello, Yes, We supports Mu Online IGCN Servers all Seasons. You will get your package during 1 hour after ordering. Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  4. Question about Game MuOnline

    Hello!I have a few questions?I use MuOnline - IGCN Season XII and your antihack support it?How often can I get an antihack after ordering?Thank you!
  5. Interested things

    Hello, Our AntiHack System has heuristic system which analyze processes, if there is some process trying to have access to protected game or to write into memory - then AntiHack will close game and send report to server about hacks. Can We help you with something else? Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  6. Interested things

    how works your antihack system?
  7. Interested things

    Hello, Yes, Our AntiHack System support Aion and Lineage II. Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  8. Interested things

    Hello, i would like to ask, your antihack supports Aion and Lineage II ? thanks.
  9. Hello to everyone, Today We would like to announce that We preparing new version of AntiHack System. New version will contain a lot of features, new GUI, more optimization, settings. At the moment We making the main part of server-side and We want to ask, if there is something which would you like to see in new version of AntiHack? All answers please do via PM to me or tickets in support section. P.S. Screenshots We will show in few days. Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  10. Hello NightWish .
    Are you done my update . ( CustomerID , Dll protect a.k.a delete or replace antihack.dll ) ?

  11. Question about source games

    Okay, awesome. Is there a way to get a monthly subscription instead? Could you send me a PM with such information on how much it would be etc? And is it possible for you guys to setup a demo server or make a video on when using it on a garry's mod server? Thanks.
  12. Question about source games

    Hello, To client side we implement our libraries trough change PE of file. In server side just start AntiHack server. After purchase we made full installation & implementation of AntiHack. Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  13. Question about source games

    Hi Thank you very much for the response, Alright. So let's say I buy the anti-cheat. How would would I implement it to my Garry's Mod server and how would it work? Since I believe the clients wouldn't install it on their computer if it hasn't been added to the source code of the game it self (Which I cannot do since I did not make the game), correct? Thanks.
  14. Question about source games

    Hello, Source code is optional. AntiHack will works with Garry's mode. Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  15. Question about source games

    Hi, Sorry for the very late reply. By source game I mean. A game made with the Valve Source Engine, such as Counter strike or Garry's Mod. Does the anti-cheat only work if I have access to the source code of the game? or would it work a game like Garry's mod. Thanks.
  16. WarZ Panel

    Yes, We can do such addon.
  17. WarZ Panel

    Could you make an addon for this to connect to game database and also ban account there?
  18. WarZ Panel

    Hello, Yes of course. Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  19. WarZ Panel

    Can you send me some screenshots of the control panel/player management system please. Thanks
  20. Hello! I bought a lot of AntiCheat systems, waste much more money, but finally i found this anticheat which gave me protection and good technical support. Just yesterday i had some troubles with my players - technical support helped me very fast, i appreciate it, systems works fine, there is an some delay loading time but i had been noticed that soon will be new update which will fix all delays, i hope so I recommend to purchase this antihack system - no words, only positive emotions. Thanks a lot, hope support and quality will be further same as now high level!
  21. Question about source games

    Hello, Yes, our AntiHack System works with any game source code. To implement to source code we has SDK. About hack prevention - our system can detect old, new even modified hacks without any database of hacks or updates. Our system is based on heuristic analysis. Also soon we will release our Kernel-driver which will guarantee more protection. Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
  22. Hi, Does NSE-security work with source games such as Garry's Mod - If I have my own dedicated server that it's hosted on? If so how would it work? what kind of hacks do it stop? Thanks! =) '
  23. Week of discount

    Hello, We are happy to announce that We started the Week of discount! From 01.03.2017 to 07.03.2017 Everyone will can purchase our products with 10% discount. Thanks. Best regards, NSE Managements.
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